April 16, 2010

OKC High Performance Rower Among Nation's Fastest Women

Michelle Sechser broke 7 mins. on a
2k erg test, making her one of the
fastest female rowers in the country.
She can still remember her freshman year of high school when she couldn’t finish the one-mile warm-up run without walking, but you wouldn’t know that if you met Michelle Sechser today. The lightweight rower became one of the fastest women in the country when she broke seven minutes on a recent 2k erg test.

“I’ve really come a long way 
- but it just goes to show that passion can trump logic,” said Sechser, who was accepted into the OKC National High Performance Center residency program in January. “I wanted to continue rowing after high school, but at 5’5” I was told I’d never make it in Division I rowing. Fortunately I found the University of Tulsa.”

Sechser is finishing up grad school in Tulsa, and will soon be able to train full-time in Oklahoma City.

“Because of my schedule, I’ve only been training in OKC on weekends. But in just 12 weeks of following the training program I dropped 14 seconds off my previous 2k record, pulling 6:59,” Sechser said.

“My favorite part of this sport is racing. Training hard and being ready to race gives me a level of confidence I have never experienced in any other area of my life. I can’t wait to focus on rowing the 1x (single) and see how far I can go. I am so lucky – the coaches, teammates and RIVERSPORT staff have been so supportive. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but there is nothing else I’d rather do right now.”

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