December 16, 2010

Santa Fe High School Rowing Team says "Thanks!"

The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation received the following letter from the Santa Fe South Rowing team who participated in the RIVERSPORT High School Rowing League during the 2010 fall season. Members of the OKC NHPC Stuart Sloan, Brandon Shald and Meg George coached the five teams in the league.

We would like you to know how much we enjoyed the privilege to participate in this program. The eleven of us who made up our team come from diverse backgrounds, socially, academically, and physically. While we are often given the opportunity at our school to mix with other students from different social and academic circumstances, for some, this was one of the rare occasions to participate in a team sport and even any sport at all. For others, this was simply a chance to be involved with a different type of team sport.

We signed up for the rowing team for various reasons, but each of us wanted the challenge of doing something new and unique. In the process of learning the mechanics and attempting to become a team, we have learned not only to appreciate the sport of rowing but hopefully to apply the lessons learned in our practices which will help us in our academic endeavors and in our lives. A few of us are now ready to continue on the path, whether it includes joining the junior rowing team or continuing on a college team; most are at least eagerly anticipating the opportunity to participate in another water sports program as well as to increase our knowledge and abilities of rowing.

We may have finished this course – and even done well in placing second in the races thanks to our dedicated coach, Stewart, but we are not done with rowing. Our oars are set and prepared to propel us forward into our futures, futures that we now believe will contain the opportunity to pursue the fun and challenging sport of rowing. So, we would like to offer our thanks to you and your company for making possible our participation in the school rowing program this year.


The Santa Fe South Rowing Team 2010

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