November 18, 2011

Peszek and McEachern Conquer East Coast Speed Order

The selection process for the team that will represent the United States next summer at the 2012 Olympic Games in London is officially underway with the conclusion of this weekend’s fall speed orders.

At locations on both sides of the country, USRowing held events at the USRowing Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., and at the USRowing Training Center in Princeton, N.J.

Speed orders have traditionally been held to establish ranking among athletes currently training with the national team and identify potential athletes. For the men’s side this year, the event results helped determine selection camp invitations.

In Chula Vista, Will Miller clocked the fastest time of the men’s single sculls, completing the six-kilometer course in a 22:48.75. Rounding out the top four finishers were Warren Anderson in a 22:50.07, Sam Stitt in a 22:50.72 and Oklahoma City lightweight - Tom Paradiso in a 23:04.11.

On the east coast, GMS Rowing Center’s Mike Sivigny clocked the fastest time of the men’s single sculls, completing the 4.25-kilometer course in 17.19.757. Penn A.C. Rowing Association’s Stephen Whelpley finished second in 17:42.956, followed by GMS’s Seth Weil in 17:49.814. Oklahoma City's Pat Close finished 4th in 17:52.536, Martin Etem finished 5th in 17:52.646, Max Goff was 6th in 17:59.726, Ryan Shelton was 11th in 18:20.584, and Aaron Marcovy finished 16th in 18:41.467.

In the men’s pair, USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City’s Tom Peszek and Deaglan McEachern finished first in a 16:31.148. Penn A.C.’s Steve Kasprzyk and Joe Spencer finished second in 16:40.761, while USRowing TC – OKC’s Ryan Monaghan and Andrew Melander finished third in a 16:52.656. OKC's Blaise Didier and Greg Ansolabehere finished 5th 16:54.791.

Andrew Campbell of Cambridge Boat Club clocked the fastest time of the lightweight men’s single sculls, crossing in 17:35.741. USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City’s Will Daly finished second in 17:45.890, followed by Colorado Rowing’s Greg Ruckman in 17:48.656.

In the lightweight men’s pairs, USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City’s Will Newell and Jimmy Sopko posted the fastest time of the day for all open and light pairs, completing the course in 16:28.314. Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden finished 2nd in 16:28.585, Robin Prendes and Kenny McMahon were 3rd in 16:48.356, and Ryan Fox and Greg Flood were 5th in 17:08.565.

USRowing Training Center – Princeton entries swept the top spots in the women’s pair. Eleanor Logan and Caroline Lind won in a 16:47.750, followed by Jamie Redman and Amanda Polk second in 16:55.083. Erin Cafaro and Kady Glessner rounded out the top three with a time of 17:00.049. OKC's Meg George and Megan Smith were 9th in 17:44.366.

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