August 21, 2010

Heats Complete at National Selection Regatta #3

Athletes from the Oklahoma City National High Performance Center completed the first day of racing at the National Selection Regatta #3 with Thursday morning time trials and evening heats.

The 1900 meter time trial was run to determine the seeding and lane assignments for heats in the Men's 2-/2x and lane assignments for the Lightweight Men's 2- Final.

In the Men's 2- Time Trial, the OKC HPC crew of Tom Peszek and Justin Stangel finished in 3rd place in a time of 6:25.300 out of 16 crews.. They were followed closely by teammates Ryan Monaghan and Deaglan McEachern in 6:25.369. Aaron Marcovy and Max Goff finished in 9th place while Ross James and Grant James finished in 15th place.

In the Men's 2x Time Trial, Martin Etem and Pat Close finished in 7th place in a time of 6:23.633 among 15 crews.

In the Lightweight Men's 2- Time Trial, OKC HPC crews Kenny McMahon and Ryan Fox, Julian Bowling and Dorian Weber, Matt Muffleman and Evan Tsourtsoulas, finished in 3rd, 4th and 6th respectively out of 6 crews.

The Men's 2x semi started the evening racing with the top four crews advancing to the semi finals. Etem and Close made an impressive showing with a second place finish in a time of 6:28.4 behind the 2008 Olympic 2x of Elliot Hovey and Wes Piermarini (6:24.3).

In what seemed to be a statistically impossible seeding, all four OKC HPC Men's Pairs wound in the same heat, with only 4 boats advancing to the A/B Semi final. After 2 KM of tight racing, the margin between the top three finishers was too close to be decided by the human eye. James and James finished in first place in 6:30.2, followed by Monaghan and McEachern in 6:30.3, and Peszek and Stangel in 6:30.4, all three crews advancing to the semi final. Goff and Marcovy finished in 5th place in a time of 6:35.4 sending them to Final C.

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