September 22, 2010

Rowing Science Seminar Update

The Oklahoma City National High Performance Center and the Kossev Consortium will present a one-day Rowing Science seminar in conjunction with the OCU Head of the Oklahoma regatta. The seminar will be held Friday, October 8, 8a to 4p. Complete presentation descriptions are now available:

Dr. Valery Kleshnev: Introduction and basic principles of Rowing Biomechanics
Dr. Kleshnev will do an in-depth scientific presentation about the definition and components of rowing efficiency including propulsive forces, blade forces, and boat velocity. He will further discuss the factors limiting and affecting efficiency and the ways technique, body type, and rigging interact to impact speed and effectiveness.

Dr. Valery Kleshnev: Practical Applications of Rowing BiomechanicsIn this session Dr. Kleshnev will look carefully at each micro-phase of the rowing stroke, examining with participants the ways in which different types of technique affect boat speed. This includes a careful look at feedback from Dr. Kleshnev’s telemetry system and a discussion of effective drills to improve technique.

Andrew Carter: Enhancing Performance Through Accessible Technology
Rowing is a technology-rich sport. From boats to cox boxes to heart rate monitors, basic tools of the trade are designed to optimize performance. But most of these products give us performance feedback that we either do not know how to use or do not have the time to access. Mr. Carter is going to talk about some the performance technology equipment that we come into contact every day as coaches and athletes and discuss how to optimize our use of them to improve training, efficiency, and ultimately performance.

Sam Blades: Advanced Applications in Performance Technology
Using case studies from the Canadian national team coaches with whom he works, Mr. Blades will describe how he supports coaches to find and utilize technological solutions to coaching dilemmas and performance goals.

Keith Jefferson: The Science of Level 5 Leadership in Sport
Rowing programs, like all organizations, are heavy with the requirement of leadership, both within the team and from the coaching staff. The often qualitative aspects of organizational research however can be daunting to the layman in search of answers to the question: how am I to lead my team. Based on the sport application of groundbreaking organizational research by best-selling author Jim Collins (Good to Great), Coach Jefferson discusses two of these fundamental aspects from his own research.

Dr. Kate Ackerman: Nutrition and Optimal Performance
Navigating the limitless possibilities of diets, supplements, and performance products can be daunting. Should I try the Paleo diet? What about gels? Should I take iron supplements? Dr. Ackerman uses her own research, as well as the most current information about nutrition and performance, to debunk myths and clarify the needs of athletes during the different stages of training and competition.

Dr. Kate Ackerman: Addressing the health concerns/needs of female athletes
With rowing’s rapid expansion amongst junior and collegiate women, the health issues of girls and women have become an important topic in the sport. Dr. Ackerman is one of the country’s leading clinician/researchers in young female athletes and their bodies’ particular needs as they mature and as they seek to improve performance. She will discuss her research and provide practical information for those who work closely with these athletes about how to support their training and development.

Dr. Peter Davis: Taking your program to the next level: Performance Planning, services integration, and gap analysisEvery rowing program – club, junior, college, and elite – strives to take its overall performance to the next level. Bringing his 28 years of experience working with sports teams and national sports organizations from the US to Jordan, Dr. Davis will help participants understand how to identify performance gaps, set achievement benchmarks, and collect necessary objective data to create a strategic performance plan. He will also discuss how to integrate resources and services to achieve the goals of that plan.

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