June 13, 2012

Now or Never: Stafford and Peszek Race for Olympic Berth

The winners of the three trial events taking place tomorrow – men’s pair, men’s single sculls and the women’s pair – will earn an automatic berth to represent the United States this summer at the Olympic Games in London, pending final approval by the United States Olympic Committee.

Silas Stafford along with USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City teammate Tom Peszek, won the first of two semifinals in the men’s pair to advance to the four-boat final.

While the first semifinal went off without a problem, and both Stafford’s boat and the USRowing Training Center crew of Michael Gennaro, and Ty Otto advanced; an injury in the USRowing Training Center crew of Jason Read and Nareg Guregian resulted in the second semifinal being pushed back to noon. Read was taken from his shell returned to the dock and sought medical treatment. Read and Guregian did not race.

A decision was then made to reschedule the final from tomorrow morning to tomorrow evening at 5:00 p.m. EST to allow all four advancing boats to have ample recovery time between races.

Advancing from the second semifinal were the California Rowing Club crews of Ryan Monaghan and Deaglan McEachern and Brandon Shald and Brad Bertoldo.

In the morning semifinal, Stafford and Peszek finished with a time of 6:39.465 followed by Gennaro and Otto in 6:43.350. Monaghan and McEachern won the second semifinal in 6:49.836 followed by Shald and Bertoldo in 6:50.906.


Men’s pair, semifinal 1:

1. USRowing Training Center - OKC (Silas Stafford, Tom Peszek) 06:39.465

2. USRowing Training Center (Michael Gennaro, Robert Otto) 06:43.350

3. California Rowing Club (Andrew Melander, Derek Johnson) 06:45.937

4. California Rowing Club (Paul Marcy, Evan Cassidy) 06:59.460

Men’s pair, semifinal 2:

1. California Rowing Club (Deaglan McEachern, Ryan Monaghan) 06:49.836

2. California Rowing Club (Brandon Shald, Brad Bertoldo) 06:50.906

3. University of Wisconsin/Stanford (Austin Hack, Dariush Aghai) 06:54.882

Racing will resume with finals at 7:30 am in the men’s single sculls followed by the women’s pair. A full schedule and results will be available at www.usrowing.org.

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