June 12, 2012

Semi-Finals Set; End of the Road for Gallagher and Stangel

The remaining slots for the semifinals in the men’s pair at the 2012 Olympic Trials on Mercer Lake were decided this afternoon.

Four crews advanced out of the repechage including California Rowing Club's Paul Marcy and Evan Cassidy; Andrew Melander and Derek Johnson; Brandon Shald and Brad Bertoldo, and the University of Wisconsin/Stanford entry of Austin Hack, and Dariush Aghai.

Gallagher and Stangel
Oklahoma City's Andrew Gallagher and Justin Stangel finished second in the third repechage, failing to advance to the semi finals.

The crews will go to the line for the morning semifinals that will determine which four crews will advance to the Thursday morning final. The winners will earn an automatic berth to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, pending United States Olympic Committee approval.

Results Tuesday Evening Racing

Men's Pair Repechage 1: 1. CRC (Marcy, Cassidy), 7:04.734; 2. Craftsbury (Hoffstot, Holak), 7:07.376; 3. Craftsbury (Henson, Lafferty), 7:11.418

Men's Pair Repechage 2: 1. CRC (Melander, Johnson), 7:05.515; 2. Pocock (Nichols, Sullivan), 7:13.721; 3. CRC (Getsinger, Quie), 7:17.556

Men's Pair Repechage 3: 1. University of Wisconsin/Stanford (Hack, Aghai), 7:04.249; 2. USRowing Training Center - OKC (Gallagher, Stangel), 7:09.247

Men's Pair Repechage 4: 1. CRC (Shald, Bertoldo), 6:57.274; 2. USTC/NYAC (Blomquist, Koven), 7:01.756
Semifinals will begin at 7:30 am. A full schedule and results will be available at www.usrowing.org.

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