October 01, 2012

Mercy Hospital Provides Meals for OKC's High Performance Athletes

Mercy Hospital of Oklahoma City will be delivering meals to assist with the nutritional needs of resident athletes at the Oklahoma City National High Performance Center beginning October 1. Mercy is very enthusiastic in helping some of the best athletes in the nation purse their Olympic dreams.

Head Coach Bryan Volpenhein explains, "support like this goes a very long way for our athletes who spend as many as 30 hours per week training and require about 4000 - 6000 calories per day. With the commitment of two practices per day and work, along with the financial strain, it's sometimes difficult for the rowers to find time to prepare nutritious meals. It is also extremely beneficial for the athletes to be able to eat at the boathouse immediately after training to maximize their recovery time. The support from Mercy Hospital will have a great impact on the development of our athletes".

The coaches and athletes of the OKC High Performance Center would like to thank Mercy Hospital for their generous contribution - welcome to our team!

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